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Mark your Calendars! December 30, 2009

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[can you tell i’m booored at work this week? boss is gone, phone isn’t ringing, and while i should be working all i want to do is blog instead]


For those of you who have been before or who went to see Whip It this fall, you know the zany crazy fun of a roller derby bout. Well, the Rat City Rollergirls are back for their 2010 season starting January 31st. I’m sure we’ll be organizing an outing so pencil it in. Roller Derby is SUPER fun.

Also, i think we should be CRAZY and go to this ‘away’ bout in Bremerton. I mean, the Wild West Showdown? How can you resist?

Make sure to get caught up on all the rules and regs so you can come prepared for a night of cheering and jeering 😉 All images from Rat City Rollergirls on Flickr


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