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the beginning of the christmas season December 3, 2009

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…it starts really with the trek to the forest to discover our tree.  I will tell you about that later, though. 

Really, the beginning of the Christmas season for me inside is at the Christmas Dessert.

It’s where volunteers decorate tables for the season, invite some women friends to come, and enjoy a evening program – filled with songs and stories and the meaning of Christmas –  to go with your dessert.

B and I… well, it’s not a secret that we are decorating nerds.  We have so much Christmas decor it doesn’t all get used in one year.  Which really is why the dessert is perfect for us.  We each order a table.   That’s right, I said each.  I mean, when you have that much great material to work with….

We still love to make a few new things for our tables… Nothing like a few new things for the holidays!

So without further ado…

B’s table is what I am going to call “The Rustic, Glittery Woodland.”

Thats right, someone loves the new Martha glitter line AND the beauty of wood.

B created a river RIGHT down her table.  On sides of the banks were found rocks from Washington beaches, pieces of our past Christmas trees as stumps/logs, and beautiful creatures.  The animals were from a variety of locations, all ornaments, and made from natural materials.  Some of the small owls had little cut wood parts making feathers. 

Her forest was complete with the addition of her trees.  They were a Martha craft project last year.   Using different sized circles, you fold the paper to look like darling evergreen.  A little glitter on the edges and a champagne cork as a trunk complete the crafty trees. 

B also lit her table with bronze and white tapers.  The tapers stood in candlestick holders she bought at a thrift store this summer.  She didn’t just leave them brown though… She painted them green and then… POOF! Glitter-ified them in peridot.

I love them.  They are going to look so good on our mantle!


My, D’s, table was “Snowy Village in the Mountain with Sparkle.”  You must have sparkle,after all. 

The base of my mountain had large presents with handmade bows (a litle diy in the future for you!)

The central, eye level area was the village part.  I got all these crazy houses for a buck or two at various Goodwills.  then i spray painted like crazy and white glitterd the snowy roofs.  I love my new village more then anyone I have seen in a store so far… and for QUITE a lower price point as well!  (the houses only cost me 20 bucks and a little time..)

(in fact — here is a BEFORE pic!)

The tippy tippy top was a combo of my new advent wreath i just bought myself from Rare Device (SWOOOON!), the Baby Jesus/Mary/Joseph from my Nativity set that my parenst got me for my last birthday,  and this little glass ornament I have.  The ornament was the inspiration for the whole table.  It is a church, covered in glittery wonder.

But really, although our tables were great and I got to use my 12 days of Christmas plates again AND we got to have four {small} desserts…

It is really about the great company of friends and the celebration of a birth that truly is the greatest gift that any of us will ever receive.

{and that night, as i slept, visions of my Chrismas Dessert table 2010 danced in my head}

{ps, thanks to Jo, who took more pictures then me – gasp – and nicely allowed me to borrow a few so you could see all the details.  her blog has even more pictures.}


4 Responses to “the beginning of the christmas season”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I was sooooo sad to miss it. 😦 The tables turned out gorgeous! I love B’s nature theme and the hillside village D made. So cute.

  2. Mom and Dad Says:

    The tables are stunning! I would have LOVED to be there!!! Next year I must come out for this.

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  4. […] Its an annual tradition at our church and for our friends…  2009 here… […]

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