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New Scandinavian Love: Sagaform December 1, 2009

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D and I are suckers for Nordic Design. One summer living in Finland, and its hard not to be hooked. With Marimekko, Iittala, and Tonfisk around you and accessible all the time, you become a slave to the clean simple lines of these scandinavian modernists.

Last fall, we trekked to portland for a fall weekend and were browsing at the new location for one of our fave shops, Relish, and stumbled upon this beauty.

Cruet Set

First question was, who makes this? This is so pretty! Answer: Sagaform. A new Swedish company with a full line of completely beautiful housewares. Go here to view their complete 2009 and holiday catalog.

D bought a set to give as a wedding present, and since then i’ve been seeing their products EVERYWHERE and it seems that everything is just as lovely as the last. I waas poking around RareDevice Last week and they have this beautiful Carafe:

Pretty on a bedside table

and this pretty oven-to-table bowl:

Modern Casseroles - yum!

and THEN.

 today. . .

 this (via the Design*Sponge $25 and under gift guide) and these



Wonderful Scandinavian Heaven. D is a vintage Arabia collector, but those can be tough to find and this is the contemporary version, just as pretty as all the vintage pieces. LOVE!

Vintage Arabia. Via NestledIn - one of our fave Finnish blogs

More of their products that i am loving are:

Simple lovely wine decanter

this cute and simple tealight

festive serving bowls (that pink is so cute!)

and this herb pot. what a great gift for a kitchen gardener.

There is a pretty full range of products at ShopStyle. I’m actually pretty sad i’m done Christmas Shopping because i think there is something here for everyone. Serious drool. Looks like they are even selling at places like Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Crazy.

[btw – the whole shop @ Huset is chocked-full with reasonably priced scandinavian goodies. Check it out if you have holiday shopping left!]


2 Responses to “New Scandinavian Love: Sagaform”

  1. wren Says:

    i have the Cruet Set. you gave it to me…. i LOVE it.

  2. Katja Says:

    That’s so funny that you would mention my plate and the sagaform jar in the same post and a few days later I went and bought myself that jar! Great minds think alike 😀

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