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Girlie Time Sleepover December 1, 2009

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Sometimes you just need those times with your girl friends. Life gets hectic, and its like sex and the city where they have to literally DRAG themselves to atlantic city in order to see each other.

We’d been talking about having a girl’s night out for awhile. We contemplated getting a hotel room and going out on the town, maybe a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Just something special and different. But come on people, this is a recession. And frankly, the home life is so much more cozy when its raining cats and dogs in Seattle’s nasty november season (November is the worst month here, by far). So for Jo’s birthday, we proposed a good, old fashioned, girls sleepover night.

It allowed for a night to just chat and drink wine. A chance for fiances and husbands to play video games AND to play mr. mom.

We were in our PJs SO fast. I mean, literally 5 minutes in the door we were all in flannel. Jo even bought new ones for the occasion. Awesome! Dana requested Gorgonzola Honey Bites (I mean, what is our house without them?!) and those were in the oven lickety split too.

Later on, the girls get crafty!

Starting out the evening, we whipped up some pasta dough and D’s kitchenaid pasta roller. We rolled out some sheets of pasta dough and taught the girls how to press ravioli. We did a sweet potato ricotta thyme filling (veggie friendly!). Paired with a yummy cranberry blue cheese salad, we had an easy simple and delicious dinner to chat over.


Next there was crafty time. We traced out some stockings and trees and cut shapes out of vintage Christmas books to create an early Christmas festive garland, while watching Because I Said So.



Did you think we’d forget dessert?! ha! Rainbow cake has been all over the blogosphere, and Jo has always loved funfetti, so we combined the two for some CRAZY cupcakes. I split the cake batter into 6 bowls and added a single color food coloring to each one. Then we spooned various colors into cupcake wrappers for fun rainbow swirl cake.


Paint Pots of Cake Batter


Nom Nom Nom

We finished off the night with some Sex and the City Season 6, more chatting in front of the fire. It was a wonderful relaxing evening and a great chance to really sit down and catch up. Probably would have been better if Dana and I hadn’t decided a 5k run was a good idea at 9 am the next day, but eh, live and learn, right?

Go see a photo of the whole group here

What a PERFECT start to the holiday season!


2 Responses to “Girlie Time Sleepover”

  1. Jo Says:

    Hey thanks for the linky – and AWESOME photos D! Wow Dana is quite the blur 😉

    Thanks for the bday fun!

  2. KT Says:

    I made rainbow cupcakes, too! except i put them in ice cream cones instead of cupcake wrappers. so cute!

    love, sissy.

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