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the end of project runway, season 6 November 24, 2009

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and I have to say, I will be thrilled next week when I don’t have to change the channel to lifetime ever ever again.  Especially since we watched Live TV this week, there was no way to fast-forward through those terrible ashton kutcher lifetime movie previews.  {Topic for another post…  Why does Ashton Kutcher think he is a washed up star – fit for Lifetime?  Has the recession hit Hollywood that badly??}

I will miss PR though.  I will always miss PR on Bravo.

This season though was just kind of eh.  I liked watching, but thought most of the challenges were unoriginal and they did not focus enough on the process of making the garments.  After watching half an episode, you already knew who was on the top and bottom based on which designers they were focusing on.

The girl who won, Irina, was downright irritating and her final collection looked like a group of female architects with funny hats.  All black.  snore.

I’m sorry, but when did good design exclude color???  I missed that boat, thank heavens.

Now, Heidi Klum’s stylist…. She certainly did not get the black memo, for she sent Heidi down the runway in this:

She has to have a new, Lifetime paying stylist this season.  Every week, it seems the first thing out of our mouths on the couch was “AH, look at HEIDI!!!  WHATTTTTT??!??!??!”

I could not believe she pranced around in that hideous pants suit with obvious shoulder pads and judged other people’s garments. 

Now, let me step away from my negativity here…

What did I like?  Runner up Carol Hannah’s final collection.

Here, see for yourself:

I rest my case. 

Heidi, you are Auf ‘ed.


3 Responses to “the end of project runway, season 6”

  1. Jo Says:

    Maybe this is why she has finally decided to take Seal’s last name. hahaha she needs to hide after this season’s weird dressing choices. Yah that last number was painful.

    Did you notice that Carrie Underwood wore a very similar number to CH’s opening dress at the AMAs? I didn’t either (since I didn’t watch) but pictures have been circling the web. Neat! And another sign she should have won.

  2. Erin Says:

    Goodness, we have so much to discuss with this! The lipstick with Heidi’s awful outfit really put it over the top, and although Irina was way better than everyone else the entire season, I agree the CH’s collection was way better in NY. They need to get back to the creative challenges next season.

    P.S. Jo, you are so right about Carrie Underwood’s dress! It was almost the exact same!

  3. thetomlinfamily Says:

    I agree with the Carol Hannah love! Her collection was awesome.

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