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a WICKED halloween November 3, 2009

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In architecture school, we spent 5 years building what our professors called “Sexy Basswood Models”. You’d start the semester with white foam core to do a concept study, then move to gray chipboard, then to sleek tan basswood (and maybe some plexi or metal mesh to add some flair).

Then you graduate. And get a job. And you work at a computer 95% of the time. Once in awhile you build something physical to look at, but mostly its computer based. So what do you do to satisfy your urge to cut, carve, and create. . . well… you make jackolanterns of course! Halloween is an architect’s dream because pumpkin is really very forgiving (and you get to eat delicious seeds after which is something chipboard doesn’t have going for it).

So, here’s our Halloween. Remember our Wicked post from September? Well, at intermission we decided that it would be super fun to go as Elphaba and Galinda for Halloween this year (thats the Wicked Witch and Glinda the Good when they’re younger for those of you not familiar w/ Wicked). We decided to adopt the flying witch logo theme for one of our pumpkins and our signature candy bags (these make the kiddos go “wow”!). As a double entendre, we also wrote ‘Go Green’ on the bags to say, hey, even witches can be sustainable 😉 Yes, we’re nerds.


oct_058 copy

We also carved a bird on a fencepost (probably inspired by all our needlefelting and our friend Jackie’s wedding prep!), and our house numbers which we’ve done every year for the past 3. It was even more special this year since we got to carve OUR house numbers and not those of a rental. (Almost makes those mortgage payments less painful).

After spending Saturday assembling candy bags, getting our costumes assembled and lighting the candles, we sat down to enjoy a night full of halloween festivity. We sat in front of the fire with a glass of wine waiting for Trick-or-treaters to knock on the door. It was funny because we could hear them coming up the stairs so we’d hop up and say “where’s my hat!?” or, “where did i put my wand?” In total we had 60-70 cats, superheros, ghosts, etc at our door. Most of the neighborhood children and some new families that we didn’t recognize. The best was a little girl, probably 3 years old, who saw D and gasped in amazement “you’re. . .. dressed like a witch. . . JUST LIKE ME!!!!” She scampered away beaming. SO DARLING!


costume blog

We tried to keep our costumes simple and thrifted (its a recession, ya know?!) and threw in a couple funny accessories. You can’t see it in the picture, but the fact that my crown blinked was pretty much the best part of the whole gig.

WHen the knocks on the door subsided, we trekked out to a friends’ party and our neighborhood watering hole to check out other costumes. A great Halloween – here’s to next year. So far the front-running costume for 2010 is the cast of Glee. Who’s with us?!


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  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Very Festive!!!!!!!!!

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