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because it would NOT be Halloween without…. October 30, 2009

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This year, we tried a new farm.

We were invited by our friends who will be married in 2010 at Craven Farm.  They wanted to show us all where the reception and ceremony would be, and now we can help decorate accordingly!

b-pump3Lucky for us, this is a real working farm, so we can also pumpkin pick!  In true Western Washington fashion, it was quite rainy, and had been for days. b-pump4

So we got a little muddy. 


pointing at the bride-to-be


but we got some great pumpkins out of it!


 and, they also had some delicious apple cider.  We have been enjoying it around here alllll week.b-pump5

Also, we got a chance to give the soon-to-be bride and groom a little taste of their wedding day.

Ya know, the part were the photographer takes four zillion pictures of them all day? 


see getting every second of our wedding documented could be fun! Especially if we don't need umbrellas!

Thanks guys for all the fun!

And when we got home?  We sat our wet selves down and enjoyed some of this:



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