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Our Front Yard, so far… October 15, 2009

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When we very first saw this house, I remember loving the front.  It seemed darling perched above the street.   It had a halo of possibility around every corner.

When we actually got keys… I thought the front is okay, I mean, lets change this and that.  The halo of possibilities grew.

When I remembered what the rest of the house looked like, and saw the jungle that was our backyard (remember this?), and how long it takes to move….

…the front really looked just fine.  Because, our halo of possibility seemed stretched to the maximum at the moment.

Obviously we were blinded and had stopped watching Curb Appeal.



After getting many other  house projects out of the way — making our indoor spaces shine and taming the backyard jungle — Our halo was feeling ready to take on just a few more things.

But, we were very very lucky, because this halo had some serious help.

B’s mom offered up some time one afternoon to help with the rockery.  She and B pulled tons of weeds and grasses.  Then they planted some rockery type plants that she so generously brought over.  I exclaimed, wow, there really are rocks underneath all these weeds!


That little bit of help was huge. 

I then exclaimed, let’s put the front yard in our halo of now.  I saw the possibility of the rest of the yard looking just as good as the rockery in the front. 

You see, we had a fun event coming up … a little housewarming party to thank all those who have helped with the house and show it off a bit.   And, coming to Seattle for the party?  My parents.  Yep, my dad had been before (you remember this guy from his famous front porch lighting thoughts and bathroom tile know how?) …. but it was my mom’s first visit to the house. 

And, when she asked what we needed help with that weekend, I saw visions of a glorious front yard.  Visions that certainly could not be achieved with my black thumb.

They swoop in and whoa.  While my dad fixes the few things on his list, my mom takes us plant shopping after scoping out her task.  B and I had bought a few plants at the Conservatory Sale, but they needed some friends.  After a trip to City People’s and some generous garden investment on my mom’s part… we have a bunch of new plants.

Now, if B was writing this post she would probably insert names and stuff in here.   All I remember is Mr. Rudbeckia is out there somewhere.  (and who here thinks i can actually spell that name all by myself???)


For many hours on Saturday morning, there was planting planting planting.  My mom and B started out while me and my dad went to home depot for some things.  We came home to a great looking yard-in-process!  The paver wall was removed for the most part, and we dug up like a hundred rocks in the front yard too.  Oh and we mulched.  And my mom pruned a bunch too.  It was crazy how quickly it all happened…

whoa.  But it looks great!  Thanks everyone!


 (note, pumpkins are courtesy of the green-thumbed-pea-patchers, jackie and dave)

 front  yard bloggy

here is one of my mom admiring the yard and a job very well done!


Do you see some clue in these pictures about what the next project in our halo is?   Hm.  Well I might show you, one of these days….  But the curb appeal is awesome!

front yard


3 Responses to “Our Front Yard, so far…”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Rubeckia–it is another name for a variety of Black Eyed Susans!!! How could you not know this after being brought up by me and living with our gardens?????–Mom

  2. ravennagirls Says:

    according to Martha, it is spelled RuDbeckia… 🙂

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