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MYO Midcentury Light Fixture October 9, 2009

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When we moved in, one of the first things to come OUT of the house was the dining room light fixture. At first i thought we didn’t have a picture, because well, why waste valuable hard drive space?, but D managed to dredge one up. Check it out! “Bronze” & “Alabaster”. Wow, its really even worse than i remembered. I think there may have been “ivy” on the perimeter too. It had to go.


oye. vey.

It took us awhile to figure out exactly what we’d want to put in its place. We were pretty sure we wanted a pendant fixture to give some dimension to the space. The ideal fixture would be an authentic Poul Henningsen fixture. Not in the budget, sadly.



We also had been really inspired by all the vintage wire fixtures we were seeing over the blogosphere and in reuse stores. D saw a few this past spring at a store up in Mount Vernon on her way to the tulip festival.  Also, our friend Wren posted about it here.

Anthropologie Version

Anthropologie Version


Wiley from Rejuvenation

Wiley from Rejuvenation

The coolest thing about these is  the big exposed light bulbs, in a variety of fun shapes. Anthropologie has a bunch right now.  Rejuvenation has some simple fixtures with the types of bulbs we loved. All of these, though, were a bit rustic. We have a lot of vintage knick-knacks, and we like to modern-it-up through all of that to avoid the country kitsch.

Most of all, we wanted something simple but totally unique. Doing some research online, I came across this simple, brushed nickel pendant fixture that is sold without a shade. For $13! So i thought, well, i’ll buy it, and we’ll keep it as a backup until we find the perfect fixture. Or, the perfect shade. Then, we searched Second Use, the Restore, and our existing basement stock of glass shades to see if anything would work. Nothing was really striking us.

One day, I was searching etsy and found a vintage lamp shade form. I’m pretty sure it was originally stretched with fabric, but i was really in love with the way it is shaped with the simple wire frame. Without a cover, its simple, translucent, and allows us the exposed bulb we really wanted. Also, it had the perfect hole on the top for the pendant wire to connect. And… it was $8 (plus shipping) Easy Peasy!

So the pieces:

Simple Fixture

Simple Fixture


Simple Shade

Simple Shade


sept 230

oooh... glowy.

Easy peasy except the really crappy knob+tube wiring in the dining room ceiling. We decided to wait for fearless Mr. Don to come to town with his handy electrician skillz. It took him about 5 minutes to unscrew the fixture canopy (the cover plate that mounts to the ceiling to cover your wires), slip our new wire frame on the fixture, and hang it from the ceiling. We screwed in one of our clear round glass bulbs and voila! Our simple, midcentury-esque dining room light fixture. All for less than $30.

My fave is the pattern the light casts on the ceiling 🙂

sept 171

1 part bling, 1 part modern, 1 part texture

 More views. . .


Views of the fixture in our Dining Room. Note that we were also able to check "hang DR artwork" off the to-do list.


While we’re here talking about lighting, I stumbled across some other beauties this morning. Drool along with me. . .

Coiled Felt at Anthropologie

Coiled Felt at Anthropologie

Astron at Rejevenation (comes in 6 colors)

Astron at Rejevenation (comes in 6 colors)


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  1. This looks wonderful! I absolutely love it! Great Job!

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