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The beginning of the {big house push}… October 5, 2009

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It’s no secret that we have been spending most of our free night and weekend time working on house projects.  We had this constant, neverending to-do list going on.   It had varied activities; anything from paint the bathroom to hang that new print in the dining room.  

It also had “put down the cork in the kitchen.”  You will remember our last cork experience shown here.  The dining room was quick. One evening after work type.

before kitchen copy

The kitchen?


Forget one night, this was one weekend.  One weekend of waking up at 8 and going til midnight.   Yes, we did get a few other things done during this time while one person was cutting a piece or something.  Plus, I most certainly cease work for important things, like lunch.


oh, peel and stick yuck, how i won't miss you.

oh, peel and stick yuck, how i won't miss you.

A few things were different about this ROUND TWO of the project though.   For starters, the kitchen area is a longer space and includes a hallway off of it leading to the craft room.  There were a lot more cuts with this space, including some funky ones to deal with moulding. 

Then there were the appliances in the way.  The fridge and the stove needed the flooring underneath.  So there was some moving, then flooring, then moving back.  {pick up, swivel, no swivel the other way!}

And last, but certainly not least, was that hallway off the kitchen.  Pre flooring, it had a charming slope to it.   While it would have been fun to host a sledding competition in our hallway come winter, that slope was toast.  Armed with a level, some foarm underlayment, and various thickness of wood boards… plus the drill … the slope was deleted from our lil house.


Thank goodness. 

The project did have some positives though.  It allowed up to get more use out of the famous tapping block, for starters.  Plus, upon completion we walked around on our great sense of accomplishment until we got too tired.   Then we moved to the couch for wine and tv.

ready for some after pictures?

I am.

[the first one is looking into the dining room and off to the right between the two spaces in that hallway….]


sept 228

sept 227


2 Responses to “The beginning of the {big house push}…”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I love a good before and after. Also, the color of the walls is fab.

  2. Katja Says:

    Redoing floors is a big project, well done! 🙂

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