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Salmon Season September 30, 2009

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Image Credit: Peggy Collins Photostream

Image Credit: Peggy Collins Photostream

Its that time of year in Seattle when the salmon come back from their time in the ocean to swim upriver and spawn. Its a celebratory time around town, whether you head over to the eastside for Issaquah’s Salmon Days, or just picnic at the Ballard Locks to watch ’em all jump.
What do we choose to do? Ha! What we do best, of course. . . eat 🙂
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Lucky me received some beautiful fillets of fresh caught salmon from my wonderful fishing father, so we had 2 nights of pink grilled perfection. I took a gander at the produce shack and for $10 whipped up the following grilled salmon salad:

Grilled salmon fillets with a pre-prepared citrus mustard marinade

1/2 head green leaf lettuce

1 grapefruit, peeled, sliced, with all the pith removed

2 large ripe avocados, sliced

2 on-the-vine tomatoes, diced

1 large red pepper, diced

Fresh shaved parmesean ( i like to use our peeler to make large thick slices)

Lowfast Asian Sesame Vinagrette (QFC brand but i love it)

Broil salmon on HI for 10 min after marinading.

Toss the diced tomatoes and peppers with the lettuce and dressing. Break up salmon fillets just enough to make sure you remove all the bones (but not so much that you don’t have big ‘ol bites to enjoy!). Nestle the avocado and grapefruit around your beautiful salmon. Top with long shavings of Parmiggiano (but you can only pronounce it if you use Giada’s in-and-out Italian) and a little more drizzle of dressing.
arc 082
Sometimes I also add things like unsalted peanuts or dried currants to the salad to add a little chewy or crunchy, but with salmon this good its fresh-fresh-fresh all the way.
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