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Object Reassignment September 23, 2009

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We call it upcycling: the folks from T.O.M.T design call it “Object Recovery and Reassignment” which i just LOVE. These people take EVERYTHING and turn it into something awesome. When i open a bakery in my next life, i am going to decorate/light/furnish it with these types of things. AND they offer classes! via The Craft Begins

Cake Stand Ceiling Fixture

Cake Stand Ceiling Fixture

Light Bulb Oil Lamps

Light Bulb Oil Lamps

Ironing Board Buffet

Ironing Board Buffet

Camera Lamp.

Camera Lamp.

And while we’re on the topic of object reassignment, i saw these cute tupperware lid clocks on etsy yesterday. Maybe its because i grew up in a house that rocked some seriously vintage tupperware, but these are just simple, whimsical, and kitchen-y cute 🙂





One Response to “Object Reassignment”

  1. Ange Says:

    These tupperware lid clocks are awesome!

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