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Retail Rant #1 September 22, 2009

Filed under: design,shopping — ravennagirls @ 11:21 am
photo courtesy j.reed photostream

photo courtesy j.reed photostream

Dear Target,

Last night we went shopping at one of your local retail locations. It was sort of stressful because you are remodeling AGAIN. We had to crawl past construction debris to find deodorant, for God’s sake.

BUT we were able to find most of the things on our list, including a few gems for our bathroom remodel. Today, i was excited to come online and post about your products to give a little sneak-peak of our bathroom accessories. NONE of what we bought is on your website. Nothing. Nothing even close so people can use their imaginations. I am sad i won’t be able to share a little mini-mo0d-board.

So, you’ve lost your bloggy shout-outs*. Sucks to be you.


The Ravenna Girls

So, dear readers, no fun images for you this morning. Last night at Target we picked up a lovely white seersucker shower curtain, to add a little refined texture. Its an homage to our southern “roots”. And boy, Blythe would be proud of our color/pattern restraint. We also picked up an awesome recycled glass soap pump so we can start buying bathroom hand soap in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging. Its cute. And a clean, contemporary black frame for d’s Moomin artwork. Le sigh, pictures forthcoming.

*To our more realistic readers: I realize that by writing the word ‘Target’ in this post at all, that i am aiding their Search Engine Optimization and therefore giving them a bloggy shoutout even though i am not including actual links. I’m not actually that angry at Target. They have cute accessible items. But, i am frustrated that virtual shopping and brick and mortar are so often disconnected.


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