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DELANCEY [seattle] September 21, 2009

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This post has been waiting patiently.  In the midst of life, we took a break from it all to have some amazing food mixed with some delightful company.  Why you ask?  Just because. 

Because we have been waiting for this restaurant to open for forever months.

Remember back to this book club?  Well, it is that author/blogger who opened this restaurant with her husband.  After reading that book, the rest of book club was dying to go.  So, I emailed Molly for a reservation (only taken for parties of 6-10 people)  and we were squeezed in during their third week of deliciousness.  Delancey is a popular place, but worth every minute of the wait!

The atmosphere was grand.  We sat at a gorgeous mid century table under handmade light fixtures with photographs on the wall mounted inside old windows.  Little candles were on the tables in upcycled glass jars.  It felt comfortable, like I was eating at home, I didn’t have to cook or clean up.  Plus it was high time all us girls got together to enjoy something special and laugh. 



Now, on to the food, {for you are probably tired of my babble}.  

At first I was worried that my expectations of the food would not live up to the reality.

But, let me tell you.  I was completely wrong.

To start… Wine.  Great selection of reds and whites.  Enough variety that you can find the perfect choice, but not too much that you constantly reread the selection wondering how you are ever going to choose and cannot come up with an answer by the time your waitress arrives.  All of the wines were amazingly priced as well.  My favorite was this terrific Italian red … the “Geos” Rosso Piceno.

augusto 020

After that we were treated to a mini appetizer of fresh heirloom tomatoes and summer corn with a simple but oh-so-magnificent vinaigrette.  I must admit though… I was too focused on what was about to come to our table to properly photograph this course.

And then, the moment we had been waiting for; that I had definitely been dreaming about. 

The pizza.

Delightful, divine, delicious.  Completely scrumtpious in every sense of the word.    The dough tasted like New York somewhere on Mulberry St or the Tony’s & Frankie’s of my NJ hometown.  I don’t know what the recipe is, or how perfectly it was cooked in the brick oven… but whatever happened between the flour and my {soon to be empty} plate was perfecto.  Then there was the sauce.  Simple.  Tasty and fresh while not overpowering the amazing toppings.  Yum. 

Toppings?  We tried almost all of them.  Multiple cheeses combined with things such as pepperoni…the Patron which has chiles… basil…. chanterelle mushrooms.  One also was an inspired “white” pie — but instead of ricotta it was creme fraiche and topped with zucchini and parmesan.


heathers baby shower and prezzies 176

augusto 022

I don’t really know how much I can yum about this.



Alright, lets get serious.  We all know that famous desserts are on the table now.  After figuring out how many desserts we would need as a table to make it through [that was rough!]  — we ordered and tried one of each on the menu at the time.  … Summer Peaches in a white wine, a raspberry yogurt popsicle and the chocolate chip cookie with grey sea salt sprinkled on top.

heathers baby shower and prezzies 179 

All were incredible.  I don’t even know what thesaurus I can open to accurately describe to you the deliciousness that was dessert. 

I think the table’s favorite dessert was the peaches, but mine was the cookie.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have dreamt about that cookie since my visit.  An internal debate has even brewed — I might give up my favorite Martha Stewart Chewy Chocolate Chip as my standby chocolate chip cookie and switch to Molly’s.  {disclaimer: this might however involve some more serious and thorough taste-testing} 

augusto 026

Next time I go back, I’m not sharing my cookie.


Don’t even ask.



3 Responses to “DELANCEY [seattle]”

  1. Jo Says:

    Yum! So round… 2? 😉 When?

  2. thetomlinfamily Says:

    Oh how sad this lactose intolerance makes me . 😦 I want delicious pizza!!

  3. Erin Says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the cookies (and all other things). Yum.

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