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a few gifts for baby… September 11, 2009

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Two weeks ago now,  our friend Heather had a baby shower.

It was quite lively & fun – a non-traditional shower at a local italian restaurant – a chance to eat out and chat with the new mom-to-be. 

Oh, and watch her open presents.  Gifts for a baby girl that will make an appearance in mid-October.  Let me just say one thing about the present-opening extravaganza…. CUTENESS.  Baby girl cuteness exploded and was oh-so-fun to see.

What did we give the new family? 

Want to see a few things?

                             {click on the links to see more}

Let’s start with B:

1.  This adorable Birdie Teething Ring from LittleSaplingToys. Perfect sized for infants, sanded velvety smooth, with no coating (toxins) to worry about, and bird-themed to go with. . . well, you’ll see. [Bonus: Little Sapling Toys plants a tree for every piece you buys for them. I scored on a free-shipping weekend and also picked up a hippo for another expectant mom] birdie

2.  This darling dress from Target’s Dwell Baby Studio line.  Look at the apples!


3.  The focal point was a changing-table mobile created from felt, ribbon, and lavender. Not too much lavender, but enough to keep the area near the changing table smelling fresh (and girly!). Inspired by hair clips from ModernBean, B decided to tackle a larger piece to match the bubble gum bedding set so lovingly chosen by mom. Each little bit took awhile to choose color combos and hand stitch, but the overall effect is fun, bouncy, and hopefully will entertain the little gal while she’s having her diaper changed.

Inspiration: These adorable felt toddler hair clips from ModernBean

Inspiration: These adorable felt toddler hair clips from ModernBean

B tried to mimic the colors and whimsy from Bananafish's Bubble Gum Bedding. Photo credit:

b tried to match the color scheme and whimsy from bananafish's bubble gum bedding. photo credit:



And now from D:

1.  A cute shirt, socks and adorable baby hat from Happy Green Bee Organics.  All organic and oh-so-soft.

 hap green bee

2.  This cute plush Bunny from World of Whimm.  Baby’s first happy bunny!  We met this etsy seller at a Team Etsy Rain event and I picked up the bunny with hopes of a baby girly Madeleine…


3.  After all that, the gift D was most excited to give was a handmade birdie mobile for the baby nursery. D saw this mobile here a while ago and saved it to my ever-growing projects-to-do list.  Then a few months ago we took a needlefelting class where we learned to make lil birdies!  Perfect right? {so great I might deem this not just a baby gift  and might make one for me!}

The birdies are all hand felted with wool roving in light pink  — with bits of white, magenta, yellow and green accents.  Their eyes are small beads that are sewed on.  After felting seven birdies, D attached each birdie to pieces of driftwood from the Washington coast.  Then she drilled some holes through the wood and used monofilament to string it together.

The piece is perfect to add a great punch to the nursery, maybe in the corner with the rocker?

birdies in flight


birds on branches



Now… all that is missing is the baby….


3 Responses to “a few gifts for baby…”

  1. wren Says:

    seriously the bird mobile is to die for… i am such a sucker for birds! nice work ladies.

  2. thetomlinfamily Says:

    These all turned out so nicely!! 🙂

    Thanks, girls! I LOVE them!

  3. […] Our friends Heather and Alex have a little baby girl named Madeleine.  She is just 9 months old.  {we posted about her birth HERE and a present B gave her HERE and Heather’s baby shower HERE…} […]

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