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it is still summer in my world… September 9, 2009

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The grill is still sparking, and the sun is still shining.

 heathers baby shower and prezzies 003

Grilled Lime Chicken with Nectarines & Tomatoes and a side of Zucchini


serves 2

2 chicken breasts

one small zucchini, sliced thinly

one nectarine, cut into small cubes

one large tomato, cut into small cubes

4 limes

1 tablespoon dijon mustard

salt and pepper

some olive oil

 heathers baby shower and prezzies 004

In a small bowl mix the juice of two limes with the mustard.  Also add the zest of just one of the limes and a little bit of salt and pepper. 

In a shallow pan put the two chicken breasts.  Liberally apply the marinade mixture all over the chicken.  Then cover  and put in the fridge till dinner.  (Mine was about 5 hours…)

Meanwhile, about 30 minutes before grilling, cut the nectarines and the tomatoes.  In a small bowl, toss and coat the fruits with the juice of the remaining two limes.  Sprinkle on a touch of salt.  Refrigerate.

Cut up your zucchini and drizzle with a little bit of olive oil.  Then sprinkle some salt and pepper on them. (BTW — our zucchini came from these awesome pea patchers!  Thanks!)

When you are ready to eat, fire up the grill.  On a medium heat toss the chicken on first.  I did not put the zucchini on until I flipped the chicken.  The chicken grilled slowly while  I watched the zucchini turn slightly transparent (indicating it has cooked all the way. 

After everything had cooked on the grill, I plated it up.   Over the chicken put a generous helping of the nectarines.  Also make sure you spoon a bit of any juice at the bottom of the bowl over your meat … its the most delicious part!



 heathers baby shower and prezzies 001



One Response to “it is still summer in my world…”

  1. wren Says:

    yum… i am coming for dinner. when should i stop over!

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