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i’m having an identity crisis September 3, 2009

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for those of you who know me (b), i’m not really a girly girl. I mean, i’m not a tomboy. I do like to get dressed up, and have my hair did, and all that, but i don’t really do it that often. I go to work without makeup 4 days out of 5. and when i do get dressed up, my style tends to be quirky, but not too princess-like. I am an architect, after all. I’m obligated to have at least one all-black outfit, as well as lots of chunky quirky jewelry.

Nautical, plus ruffles: two trends i always thought too kitchy i'm now OBSESSED

Nautical, plus ruffles: two trends i always thought too kitchy i'm now OBSESSED

but lately, i’ve fallen hard and jumped on the ruffle bandwagon. i can’t help it – they’re so cute. maybe it started here with my search for a purse earlier in the summer. or, maybe it really started here, with the orangepoppy necklace i had been coveting for months and finally received as a birthday gift from my sailor-man. but, in any case, its here. i have a ruffle tank from gap that i LOVE. i’ve been searching for dresses for jackie’s wedding and can’t stay away from anything ruffle. today, i went on jcrew to peruse sale merchandise and i SERIOUSLY almost bought ALL of the following (although i want to point out that these items all came in colors other than pink that i would have chosen – don’t think i’ve fully embraced pink, too!):

subtle texture

subtle texture

not-as-subtle texture

not-as-subtle texture

REALLY not subtle!

REALLY not subtle!

I think its because i’m not a big fan of pattern. I’m not a petite gal, so pattern has a tendency to make me look huge overwhelm my figure. i love big bold patterns but i have a tough time pulling them off. I’ve decided i much prefer texture to pattern. Single color, either bold or neutral, but oh, how texture makes it feel so much more luxurious. This is where the ruffles come in.

Luckily, today i came away with just the one dress. I should have just said no altogether, but i just couldn’t, not with so much creamy, ruffly, tiered, pleated goodness. Now, with all these new ruffles in my wardrobe lets hope the trend stays around for awhile 😉

i'm thinking paired w/ olive green for fall... mmm come to my closet!

i'm thinking paired w/ olive green for fall... mmm come to my closet!


5 Responses to “i’m having an identity crisis”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Well I love it! And I fully support ruffles for your dress for the wedding! 🙂 Those shoes are sooooo cute.

  2. Erin Says:

    I love the dress so much! It’s going to be so cute with olive shoes.

  3. Jo Says:

    Loving the shoes! Also I too am into the ruffle at the moment. Do those shoes come in black? 🙂

  4. Erin W Says:

    haha, you are pattern deficient too! If it helps, maybe you can tell yourself it’s foldy instead of ruffly?

  5. Ooh, I like all your finds. And I’m such a sucker for nautical style. Nautical + ruffles? Shut up!

    Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone on my dislike of the ruffle bashing on Project Runway. 🙂

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