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the birthday B! August 18, 2009

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happy birthday to b,

happy birthday to you!

You, birthday girl, are awesome.

Why, did someone dare ask?

You are the bestest best friend a girl could ask for.  Seriously!  You are kind, and always smile big especially when I’m grumpy.  You always have great ideas and are so fun to work with on every single project we tackle.  You are crafty.  You make awesome crumble.  and phad thai.  and mac n cheese.  You love to send me new ideas for how to do something I’ve been struggling with.   You love estate sales, trying new restuarants, opening a bottle of wine for no reason, drinking coffee, and reading good books.   You make sure I am happy even though it must be hard sometimes and for that I’m truly grateful.   You let me be ridiculous often.   and then you often join in.

and you are just so awesome.

How do we celebrate how awesome you are on your special day?  Well, to start, we declare your birthday will span more then just one mere day.  (the 18th is nothing to scoff at though!)

Here though, is how the celebration started…

On Birthday Eve, the Birthday B went to bed.  Yes she probably suspected something was about to happen.  Birthday B is too smart for surprises (ask me about last year’s surprise party at another time…).

Midnight struck… marking the official beginning of the day-of-birth celebration.

And the treat fairy arrived! (hehehe)

I mean really, breakfast in bed is so last year.  Treats-in-bed is way more my speed.


….b reaches for her raspberry lemonade cupcake and peach-orange iced tea.

She also got her pre-birthday present from me. 


…modeling her crown.  I mean, what says birthday more then birthday headwear?   And who needs some ol’ hat when you can get a crown?  Especially one made of felt and pink!   The crown was especially important because her big party is coming up this weekend.  And, for that event, all participating guests will be forced excited to wear ridiculous hats that I have so nicely chosen.  And the birthday B?  She needs a special one.  🙂  Plus now she can wear it all day and make graciously have people be extra nice to her. 

And with that she went to bed.  Happy to be the Birthday B and happy for the day ahead.


And me, well, I was genuinely excited that she had not seen the treat fairy coming with cupycakes.  She was actually surprised.  yippee!


2 Responses to “the birthday B!”

  1. dot Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, B! We Love you!!!!

  2. Jo Says:

    Happy Birthday! Glad we could celebrate the final hours with you!

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