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Crafty: Wreaths August 12, 2009

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B made me a wreath back in the day.  At the time she lived in Seattle and I lived in New Orleans.  She made herself an orange wreath, and I received a green wreath in the mail one day.  I love em (both, although the green one slightly more because it is, well, green!)  They are usually a mixture of different types and sizes of silk flowers witha shiny ribbon to hang it from your door.

Time has passed, wreaths have been given out to friends and family and been sold over on etsy.  B even let me in on her wreathing secrets.   Thank goodness, because this past month, along with moving and painting and floor refinishing, we have been wreathing up a storm!

Both orders have been for brides who are getting married this summer. 

The first was an orange and white scheme with navy ribbons. These three are all 12″ in diameter and are to be hung on the doors of the church.

Wanna see?



(yes this is the mystery wreath featured here.)


The next set of wreaths offered us a new challenge.  (mostly b, actually, she did the hard part.)  These are two 12″ wreaths and one 20″ wreath.  20″ is, by the way, huge.  These ones are green hydrangeas only with small white floors forming letters in the center.  The small wreaths are the first inital of both the bride and groom and the third, larger one is their last initial. 

july_001 copy


We loved  making these and were sad to see them go!  But, who knows…. you just might see them over at our etsy shop soon……


2 Responses to “Crafty: Wreaths”

  1. Jo Says:

    Those all turned out great!

  2. Jackie Says:

    They look so great! I always love your wreaths…I guess that’s why I’m so happy to have one and to have purchased several for family and friends! The initials look fantastic!

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