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Bye Bye Carpet.. August 6, 2009

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Boy, it has been a long  July.  We have been hard at work on the house.  To date, we have fully moved in and are officially lemon house residents.  yeehoo!

Besides the amazing yard transformation, a few other things have happened.  I mean, really, do you think we have been sitting around drinking cocktails in that yard while the rest of the house lies in shambles?   (although, frankly, that would have been much much better then flooring part one.) 

First we painted all the walls.  The Living Room got a drop cloth over its oak hardwood.  The bedrooms and hallway all had the gross berber carpet for painting protection. 



Then, on one house changing day, we ripped it up.  I wish we had pictures but the dust plus carpet padding was keeping us busy as well hauled it outside.   Under the carpet revealed very pretty softwood fir.

Really, what we didn’t realize is that was the easy part.   After removing the padding, we were expecting some staples in the floor.  What we didn’t expect were staples also in the floor from previous carpet installation.  The two of us, for several hours popped staples out with a flat head screwdriver and pliers.  Yes, it was just that thrilling.

That was a rough day. 

The next day we woke up early to head to Home Depot.  We rented a large floor sander for the day.   The one you are thinking of (and the one on the home depot tool rental website) is a large sander with one large 14″ spinning disc on the bottom.  They are evidently hard to control.  Instead, we got the easy to use floor sander that had four discs each at 7″ in diameter on the bottom.  Very Very easy to control.  I loved it.  We sanded the floors with the large sander and the edges with my small random orbital hand sander with three different grits of paper.   In between each different grit we shop vaced up all the dust.  That really helped keep things under control.  There was dust everywhere though, not going to lie.  (like if you do this, take several claritins before you start, because it was crazy.)

After the floors were swept a few times, vaccumed and wiped with a tack cloth, we were ready to finish.  That first night we put on a sandable sealer which was a great first coat.  We could sand imperfections while the softer wood soaked up most of this sealer.

We then applied four plus coats of a water based polyurethane in a satin finish.  Yep, four.  That was in addition to the first coat, which was applied when it was too hot and we onlyused a foam pad to apply.  This combo created some very small fish eye bubbles.  We sanded those out by hand.  Then we applied all subsequent coats with one person using the foam pad and the other following behind with a synthetic brush to remove any bubbles.   This plus the lower temperature seemed to work well.  It however was a long week.  :0)

It was all worth it though.  Furniture is here now, but these shots are taken right after we finished.

Wanna see?

Living Room

Living Room


D's room

D's room


B's Room

B's Room


Who knows? you might just get to see it with furniture….

happy Friday!


4 Responses to “Bye Bye Carpet..”

  1. thetomlinfamily Says:

    Oooooh!! Those turned out so nice! Very well done. 🙂

  2. wren Says:

    man i sort of liked the carpeting… ahhhh just kidding the floors look awesome.

  3. Jackie Says:

    It’s looking so beautiful!! I can’t wait to see how things continue to come together.

  4. Dana Says:

    I have to laugh because your colors (at least on a screen) look so similar to ours. Blonde, Shagreen, and I happen to know you’re using exactly our master bath color (Rainwashed I think?). Hmm… I wonder if that’s because B picked our colors… 😀

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