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500 days of summer August 5, 2009

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Friday night we went to see 500 days of summer with a group of our girl friends. Over the last couple years, i have loved all things zooey deschanel – from her drunken character in Failure to Launch (hate those mockingbirds!), to her feature in Domino magazine, to her collaboration with brilliant portland artist M. Ward.

zooey & m.ward: she & him

zooey & m.ward: she & him

ACTUALLY, the first place i saw zooey deschanel in a strange setting was when D and i went to a norah jones concert. M. Ward was her opening act, and he invited zooey on stage for an acoustic rendition of Smokey Robinson’s ‘You’ve really got a hold on me*’ and i was hooked.


AAAANYWAY, 500 days of summer was darling, funny, and had awesome set design. Zooey’s character didn’t reach as far from her other performances as i would have liked, though. There were gorgeous vintage inspired costumes (probably Zooey’s personal wardrobe (that would be me, jealous), some great architecture references  (Tom’s character was trained as an architect before joining a company to write greeting cards, and some hilarious one-liners (Vagiant!). Tom’s apartment was a gorgeous midcentury inspired loft. I couldn’t find many stills online, but i did find this one of him sketching on his full-wall chalkboard that everyone was swooning over.


What really stole the show for me was the dance scene. After he and Summer first hook up, he is so jubilant the next morning that he starts a dance parade downtown LA with a plethora of bystanders all in shades of turquoise. Adorable! (i thought Joseph Gordon Levitt had a real Noah Wyle -esque vibe in this movie, but maybe it was just the hair, haha!)

I’d recommend this movie for a good summer relax. See it in an air-conditioned theatre on a sweltering night and you won’t be disappointed. Also, the soundtrack is really good. I’m already hankering for more She&Him offerings.

*I’m seeking opinions on whether or not this would be a good wedding song. At first i thought it would, but then listening to the lyrics closer i’m not so sure. but they’re rendition is so sweet and perfect. . .


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