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worth the wait July 27, 2009

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… while we took an impromptu blogging break.  Sorry about that but, with moving in and moving out, a weekend of family and working, we have been busy!   Don’t worry you will hear all about it.   This week is going to be a recap week.   Today I will reveal the story behind the photo.  

july 236

From July 17-19th, B and I went out of town, just the two of us.   It’s a little tradition we  have.   Our destination?   The Olympic Peninsula, Washington, my favorite part of this pretty state.   It was my second time there and  my peninsula love continues.  What did we do there you ask?  Well, for that answer you will just have to wait, that’s its own story entirely!  Where was that photo taken?  At our home for the weekend, the amazing Lake Crescent Lodge.  That’s right, I am writing a post about our weekend home base.

out our room window

window in our room

In one word it was: glorious.  I can’t wait to go back again.   Its in the middle of the Olympic National Park and right on Lake Crescent.  (aka, the most gorgeous place ever)  Our second floor room faced out to the lake.  We left the large windows open all night and you could hear the intense winds and the waves.  We would move downstairs for some time in the wood adirondack chairs on the shores.  This is probably one of the few times when I was constantly thinking let’s just hang out at the lodge.  (and for those who know me, I am not routinely a hang-out-at-the-hotel-when-we-could-be-doing-something type.)

july 104

roosevelt cottages at LCL

roosevelt cottages at LCL

The lodge had a great porch, lobby with a fireplace and board games, and a bar with great food.  It also was the start of quite a few hiking trails, one of which we did one morning.   I was so relaxed, slept so well, smiled lots.  Oh, and played with my newish camera.  Great setting to discover what actually all these buttons do!

b hard at work on an etsy custom wreath order

b hard at work on an etsy custom wreath order

yum! dungeness crab and wine with a view

yum! dungeness crab and wine with a view sunset



july 236


4 Responses to “worth the wait”

  1. Jo Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. wren Says:

    i want to go there… man. dear JD please take me and the pups there…. heart wren.

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  4. […] (yes this is the mystery wreath featured here.) […]

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