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a book club round up July 21, 2009

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house projects and trips (more on those later, gators) aside… we have been busy!

This should be the beginning of a monthly posting all about book club.  See, our book club was started and is still executed by this fellow blogger.  (she is quite awesome if you don’t know her, and she has the most adorable baby boy.)   Every month we read a different book and then meet on the third or fourth Thursday to discuss it.  We try to alternate the book selection and topics.  Some have been less then grand… but it is the others that have been oh-so-fun!  (the books that is, the company is always grand!  Book club is the perfect way to see the girls, catch up, and really spend some great times together.)

This month was one of those oh-so-funs. 

At B and my’s recommendation, our book club read A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg.  B and I had both read it already and loved loved it.  You see, I can’t remember how or when, But I have been reading Molly’s blog Orangette for years.  Pre Seattle.  I don’t know how I found it, maybe a recipe search, or something, but I have been hooked for a while.  I love food, I love cooking it (when i have tons of time and a quiet kitchen that is), I love taking pictures of it.  When the book came out earlier this year we were very excited and headed to one of Orangette’s book readings.   It was at the UW book store and she made her chocolate macaroons for everyone there.  🙂  Her signature is in my book.  Since the first reading, B and I have been happily clearing Third Place Books out of in stock copies to give away to friends and family members, knowing they might fall in love with this book like we have.

now onto the book-club fun…  instead of just talking this month, we thought,  why not eat too?  You see, this book is a collection of short stories from the author’s life which all contain food or memories associated with food.  each short story is accompanied by a recipe.  Everyone picked a different one to try and we had a grand feast.  (plus, for those out there doing book clubs on weeknights with people coming straight from work, this is awesome.)

So delicious, in fact, I desire pot luck book club every month!

What did we bring you ask?  I took some photos of one dish, which was incredible!

It was the Banana-Ginger-Chocolate Bread.  YUMYUMYUM.  (a version of the recipe can be found here, although it is slightly different in the book.)


With the bread, and ingredients for a delicious salad in tow, we headed to book club.  I have to say, this was my favorite book club in the two years we have had it.  Just that fun!

(the salad btw was the goat cheese, arugula, cherry and bread salad.  we picked the cherries at a friend’s tree one day not-so-long ago.)

Everything was delicious, especially fellow blogger’s meatballs!  It was nice to have a glass of wine, and talk about our favorite stories and foods.  yum!  here it is, in pictures!food2

(you can also read more about book club here.  YUM!

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2 Responses to “a book club round up”

  1. Jo Says:

    Yum! We should just make recipes out of her book every book club and enjoy them with whatever book we read. Thanks for all the links ladies – you’re awesome too!

    Also, “the husband” is giving me every Thursday as MY night to be free to do non-mommy activities! SO we should plan something asap 🙂

  2. […] back to this book club?  Well, it is that author/blogger who opened this restaurant with her husband.  After reading […]

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