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we had a whale of a time.. July 6, 2009

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Sorry for the posting delay! We have been crazy busy. The kind of busy where you get home super late at night, exhausted and crash, without creatvity or blogging thoughts. So much has happened though, and you will see it over the next few days!

But first, before our crazy house-reno week…. we went on The Great Kayak Adventure 09.
It was …. amazing. Fun to be with friends, restful to be out in nature, exhilerating to be paddling along and see wildlife and beautiful cliffs around you. …




But, one of the scariest/most unbeliveable/breathtaking things happened. There were whale encounters out in Haro Strait. Two instances, specifically. The first was in the evening, and the sun was getting low and the water was calm. We were the only people or boats out there. And the whales swam right through our cluster of kayaks. It was a perfect sight.. the mountains in the distance, a bit of far away fog just hovering over teh water, evening summer light reflecting on the water, the echo of the whales’ sputter in the strait…. (this photo credit goes to another member of our group, who is much quicker at getting his camera out in the presense of whales then us!)

knw copy

The second was the last day of the trip. We saw one far away but swiming in the same direction as us. We kept paddling, they kept moving, headed for the same place as us! We stopped out kayaks at a place sheltered from the current, lifted our rudders, and watched as they came right for us. The whole pod of 30ish whales went by us, some swimming within a few feet fo our kayaks! There were even baby orcas in the pod, which are few in number this year. Incredible! The following pictures were taken without using zoom on the camera…in some instances trying to lean back to try and capture as much as possible.






2 Responses to “we had a whale of a time..”

  1. dot Says:

    Brianne….Grandma and I are in awe of your pictures and your adventure! How wonderful to be so up and close with nature. Thank you for posting! Dot

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