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sea-versary June 24, 2009

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picture credit goes to B, taken in Eastern Washington

picture credit goes to B, taken in Eastern Washington

…as of tomorrow… it will be two years ago  i boarded a plane for seattle.  It seems like yesterday most of the time.   but, wowzers, two years… That is such a long time.

When I graduated, I really thought I was picking a two year place on a map.  I like travelling and exploring far too much to stay put.  Plus, what was the chance I would get a job I would want for more then that amount of time? 

I was completely wrong.  (that never happens! imagine that!)

I like it –  no actually really really like it.  So much I am excited to stay, work, buy a house, have amazing friends, and play here for a bit longer.

As I sit here and remember all I have done in two years, all I can really think about is how much more I have left to do.  Although its been two years, I realize how much I really don’t know about my city, my place.

To start, I have wanted to go to the San Juans since I moved.  This post is being written today because tomorrow, on my sea-versary, that trip is happening.  WooHOO!  Me plus six friends are going up there to go kayaking for four days.  We have a guide and get to camp on remote parts of the islands every night.  Hopefully we will see lots of orcas, porpoises, humpbacks, seals, maybe a puffin.   (this makes me think of another adventurous vacay where I was excited about obsessed with a wild animal sighting, story for another time.)    I am ready to go with some new fast-dry shirts, cute new teva kayaking shoes, nutella and pretzels for snacking, a special waterproof camera bag so I can show you all my pictures when I get back, and most importantly, some new small board games (reviews will follow next week).  Plus, I get to kayak with B…. which usually means LOTS of splashing each other!


tons of seattle love,



2 Responses to “sea-versary”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Have fun!!!! Take a Puffin picture for us!!

    (Don’t you miss “home” a little bit?????)

  2. thetomlinfamily Says:

    YAY! I hope you all had a great time! I’ve missed you in Seattle though. Can’t wait to hear how it went.

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