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happy happy June 19, 2009

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Today marks several reasons to be happy.

1.  happy friday!

2.  happy solstice/midsummer!

3. happy father’s day!

You will hear about our weekend –  and the thought that we can cram hours and hours of activity in a very small timeframe – later.

But for today both of us would like to focus on point number three.

We are completely blessed to have world’s most awesome dads.  Wanna see?

briand dad

me and dad


gosh we were CUTE back then.  🙂  

happy daddy-o day….


3 Responses to “happy happy”

  1. Jo Says:

    Aw those are great shots. Makes me miss my dad 😦

    Have a GREAT weekends. We are BBQing here for Shon and his dad. Shon’s first Father’s Day. What fun. 🙂

  2. Mom and Dad Says:

    Very sweet. Danielle, did you know that Dad STILL wears that sweater!!!!!!

    By the way, I remember that day like it was yesterday! Do you remember where it was taken and do you know the name of the crackers they sold to feed the goats. By the way, the goats and prairie dogs kept you engaged for HOURS!!!!!!! –Mom

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