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Ahoy! June 3, 2009

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So, I have been hesitate to embrace on the nautical themes that have been so popular this year – not sure why. Maybe somewhere in my subconscious I find it chintzy, but I’m a west coast girl and I usually imagine my summers in the mountains camping or hiking or river rafting. I don’t usually imagine yachts or the Hamptons.

But alas, I’ve found myself dating a sailor. Not just a dude with a boat, either, a real life, sailor in the US Navy. I can feel myself slowly drifting towards starred collars, anchors, and the like. The other night D and I were perusing the ‘Alchemy’ section over on etsy, and we saw a request for this:



So cute! What a subtle way to pay homage to my sailor that with this uber comfy looking tee? Its not over-the-top sailor moon styled, either, but its cute and would make him smile. I might have to make one.

And while we’re at it, a couple other nautical inspired items that I’m loving this warm-weather-season (click the picture for the direct link):


Hoodie for snuggling up with the chill of a summer evening



Patriotic Ruffle Necklace from Orangepoppy, our fellow Seattleite



Anchor Pillow from Jayson Home



I also couldn’t resist posting this photo of my Grandfather in his time as a sailor. I have Sailors on both sides of the family, so it seems fitting that I’ve found myself where I am today 😉




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