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New found Ice Cream love. June 1, 2009

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Back in the day my favorite ice cream shop was called What’s the Scoop? on Main street of a small NJ town.   I always have loved ice cream, but that place was where my very first favorite flavor was discovered one summer day.

I am a chocolate lover all the way.  Let me just tell you that to start.

It was a chocolate ice cream with small candies mixed in.  Chocolate candies.  Candies with a bunch of different fillings.  Caramel, raspberry, peanut butter, yum yum yum.

The name you ask so that you can find it? 

Chocolate Box of Chocolates.


Now, people, don’t get excited about a happy ending here.  This ice cream story comes with devastation.

One day, midway through my senior year of high school, it was over.  Chocolate Box of Chocolates (or CBC, affectionately called) was discontinued.

tear.  I still remember the devastation, standing there, the line a mile long behind me.  The nice scooper behind the counter asking me what I would like instead.  Instead???   You listen here, I have ordered this flavor every week since this store opened,  buddy.


Eight years later the sadness is still there.

signintrees_1That is until I went to my favorite ice cream shop on Friday, here in Seattle. 

I tried a new flavor.  And there it was, my new favorite.  (insert happy dance here!)

Its called Sasquatch.

Chocolate base.  Inserted are dark chocolate chunks, caramel morsels, and homemade granola.

I seriously have been dreaming about this since I tasted it.

So, here is my plea.   Sasquatch is a handmade flavor at Seattle’s best ice cream shop – Molly Moon’s.  And after all this — its a temporary flavor.

Seriously people, I need some good ice cream juju here.


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