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urban glow May 26, 2009

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i feel an ikea hack coming on!

LOVE these tealights posted all over the blogosphere today:

so pretty and glowy!

so pretty and glowy!

via sub-studio

We have a couple of these lights from IKEA laying around, just waiting to have some film added to turn them into an opposite version of the inspiration above. HOwever, if anyone finds those tealights for sale, do share, cause i want them too!

bursting with potential!

bursting with potential!

Stay tuned for the after (although, really, don’t hold your breath, with all the other projects we have going on, it might be awhile)


2 Responses to “urban glow”

  1. Jo Says:

    Ok I need to IKEA it up very soon! Hmm maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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