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two sinks. . . and a day at the design center May 20, 2009

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 A few weekends ago we attended a special event at the Seattle Design Center featuring a panel discussion with several local designers and Vern Yip – our fave from Trading Spaces of the past and now the HGTV show Deserving Design. It was a great panel format where they took audience “Design Dilemmas” ahead of time, pulled out of a bag, and answered on-the-spot. They had advice on everything from color schemes, window treatments at vaulted ceilings, and wallpaper removal. Vern was funny and personable – it was a great event!

arc 082

Before the panel we had a chance to walk around to some of the showrooms that were open and we snapped a few shots of things we loved. I think its obvious that we are craving summer and paying homage to our Nordic love because we were drawn to mostly bent-ply fixtures, furniture, and nature motifs.

arc 070

arc 072

I particularly loved this summer-y bench with removable trays and cushion. Perfect for entertaining outdoors – I want!

arc 068

Also, we came across two sink/vanity fixtures that we LOVED in the case we decide to swap out the pedestal sink that is in our new house. Both of these combine modern with nature, natural wood, clean ceramic (well, in the one case). The first fixture by sonia was very European, clean, and small.


The second was bent-ply (!!!) and BEEAUTIFUL. We voiced our concerns about the durability of the piece, but they claim it does alright. I think we’d need to do some more research, given that we’ll only have 1 bath at our new house for us and for guests. . .i’d be afraid of brushing my teeth in that beauty!


Finished up the afternoon with some more nature inspiration. . . LOVE the sketched walls (that’s the architect in me talking)

arc 077

arc 058

arc 071

arc 061


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