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some friday, some birthday and some business May 15, 2009

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I don’t know what to call this post, can’t you tell?  I have a bunch of little things to say.

1.  happy friday everyone!  I am so looking forward to a weekend of playing out in the sun.  we are puppysitting this weekend so be on the lookout for random cute puppy postings.

2.  Today, while managing some things on the etsy front, I noticed something that is kind of a business milestone.  We started our first shop, RavennaGirls, last June.  We started our second, RavennaGirlsVintage, in January.  Our vintagewares needed a distinct place separate from our handmade.   While we still offer combined shipping, just like one shop, separating them has really helped us to have more organized shops.  

I noticed today we only have one vintage item  left to be moved to the vintage site.  See below!

il_430xN_38508723Things on etsy are listed for 4 months at a time and then you have the option to relist. We have not moved it over  yet but will next Wednesday if it has not sold.   I even put it on sale today because it looks so lonely!

3.  And lastly on the business front…. B and I have decided to start advertising our shops. We were thinking about it right as one of our blogs we follow posted about her new advertising venture.  Perfect timing we thought, plus this blogger is local and we are all about supporting our local economy these days.   You can read the great post she wrote about us here

But really, you should go visit Magchunk because today is her birthday and she deserves your well wishes.  🙂  A sunny birthday, what a great gift! 


(happy birthday banner can be found at: BekahJennings)

happpiest of weekend to y’all.

: )


3 Responses to “some friday, some birthday and some business”

  1. Magchunk Says:

    Thanks you guys! I’m happy to have you on the blog! I think you guys were my perfect first advertisers 🙂

    And it was beautiful on Friday, wasn’t it?

    xoxo Maggie

  2. I really enjoyed reading this great post … the separation of your 2 “branches” really was a good idea … isn’t it too hard to run 2 etsy accounts ?

    I am contemplating advertising too … in a near future … all your tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated girls 😉 🙂

    • ravennagirls Says:

      sometimes it is kind of hard to run two accounts. We are currently debating branding, and how we can do that with two shops.
      logistically we have email addresses for both etsy accounts. One of them though automatically gets forwarded to the other though. So it only ever is one email account to check. Etsy is great because you are notified of sales and convos through email. So email then is the first place we look, especially during the day when we are both busy, to manage the shops.

      Oh, and it does help that there are two of us. 🙂

      And Maggie, it was the most gorgeous weekend ever. You are so lucky to have had birthday celebrations in such amazing sun!!

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