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i need a new purse May 14, 2009

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I have a problem. I love my purse too much. The current one, that is. I bought it at Clementine in West Seattle – i love all their stuff, wish i could buy a pair of shoes everytime i walk by. The problem is that i’ve had it for about a year and a half, and since its faux leather, the surface is starting to come off and its stained on the inside, and well, its lookin’ rough, to say the least. The bag i currently have, and love, is the Sachetto by Tokyo Bay:


It has everything i think is crucial: pockets for my cell, my ipod, my bus pass. Its been great. And they still sell it in a myriad of colors, and i love Tokyo Bay products (i have a watch of theirs as well).

But, i’ve made a commitment to buy more handmade, and darnit if there aren’t SO many cute bags on etsy. I, like everyone else, am into ruffles and pleats this season. Within reason, of course. I’m a structured ruffle girl, if that makes sense (if it doesn’t – just ignore me, its the architect talking). Here are the two bags i am eyeing. . .


From Jume . . .

yellow purse

From SweetgumHandbags . . .

Thoughts? off to ponder. . .


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  1. […] on the ruffle bandwagon. i can’t help it – they’re so cute. maybe it started here with my search for a purse earlier in the summer. or, maybe it really started here, with the […]

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