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chicago in 20 hours… May 13, 2009

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… including sleep.

It was crazy and I wish I would have had longer to explore – but  alas, here are a few things I discovered…

Spring happens and Chicago’s City Beautiful campaign has done an amazing  job!  The tulips were incredible and made the whole city seem to shine around the brilliant shade of color. 

chitown 011

chitown 046


I found this adorable little bakery/coffee/cafe in Lincoln Park – Smash Cake.  They had amazing looking cupcakes and adorably short tables for the kiddos to sit and eat.  I though, got a delicious sandwich with beets and chevre which made me the happiest girl-off-a-plane-who-needed-lunch ever. yum.

chitown 002


After leaving my hotel during my first steps of exploration on, I stumbled totally confused on a Target Bullseye Bazaar.  Does anyone know if these are going to other cities in the future??  Basically it was a three day sale in a downtown storefront of random target stuff.  Very cheap but sadly I only brought one small carry on for the weekend.  I wanted this darling patio set there, but no such space.chitown 009



I also visited a few shops that were highlighted over at Design Sponge’s Chicago Guide.  I wish I could have visited more, but I was very happy with what I saw!

My by-far-favorite award goes to Posh.   Luckily they have a website, because I am still thinking about a few things there for gifts… It was right near my hotel and so much fun to explore every little object in the store.  I am sure B will later post about her little present.    It was the perfect mix of actually vintage and vintage inspired.  They also had a large amount of merchandise from europe.   And look how cute the space is!  There is access to a courtyard in back.

chitown 073

chitown 072


I also LOVED a store on Chiacgo and Ashland.  RR # 1 Chicago is housed in an incredible space packed with amazing gifts.  They had an ecceltic mix of handmade wares, candles, funny little trinkets, and various home decor.  I bought something for the new home, which i will show off when it’s hanging up.  One of my favorite things in the store though was this light fixture made from old strings.  

chitown 128

chitown 131


And right on my way out of town I stmbled upon this shop – Habit.   They had adorable dresses.  and jewelry.  I wanted these.

view1largechitown 143


thanks chicago for some fun.  and thanks to my childhood friend jen for giving me an excuse to go out there.  congrats on your wedding!



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