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traveling makes me happy May 11, 2009

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I spent a wee bit of time this weekend in Chicago.  The last time i was there I was only 13 –so I did not remember that much of the city.   It was quite pretty and I wished I had more time there!  The excuse for the short jaunt was the marriage of a childhood friend in central Illinois.

I am preparing my post about some Chicago must sees and downloading my pictures as we speak.  So stay tuned for tomorrow!


While I arrived home Sunday evening, someone else was preparing to travel away from home and disocver how amazing this world is and <hopefully> pick up the jet-setting bug.  For me, travel is always my greatest source of excitement and discovery.

As i type, my baby college-aged sister is on her very first flight across the atlantic, scheduled to arrive in Frankfurt tomorrow morning.  yay! I am SOOO excited for her.  She will be doing a program through her college based out of Luxembourg, but with some time to travel in central Europe.

This brings back very fond memories of my first trip to Europe. Similarly , it was with a class of mine, but only it was my junior year of high school, and it was my Spanish class headed to Spain.  I feel in love the moment i got off the plane and began my travel love affair.

🙂  so here’s to you kaity, for a happy happy trip with lots of stories to tell and smiles to share.  love you!

(and for everyone else… here are some pictures of mine.  They are from my last european adventure in March of 2007 when I went to Germany.)

bauhaus in dessau, germany

bauhaus in dessau, germany


at the Reichstag in Berlin

at the Reichstag in Berlin






One Response to “traveling makes me happy”

  1. ericahawleyscime Says:

    Ugh! How I long to travel. Unfortunately, a lack of funds has prohibited my worldly adventures but once I get in and out of university I will on the road for good 🙂 Travel journalism anyone?

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